Affordable, accessible yoga in the heart of downtown Rochester

Yoga is for everyone and we believe in creating a place where all are welcome to practice.

We are dedicated to making yoga accessible to all who move through Rochester, Minnesota. Whether you are here visiting, you’re a student, you’ve lived here one year or twenty, we welcome all who share time together in this unique place.

subtle somat​ic yoga

a Two part workshop

july 28 & august 11

Come for one or both

Dive into a deeply nurturing practice that ​supports your body's natural ability to heal ​and restore. Somatics offer a unique ​approach to releasing stored tension.

July’s class will focus on digestion.

August will focus on stress and anxiety relief.

Through subtle movements, we'll encourage ​the release of chronic tension. Through ​breath, we’ll promote deep relaxation and ​stress relief. Join us as we journey inward, ​reconnecting with our body, breath, mind, ​and spirit to cultivate balance and harmony.

Rounded Rectangle Shape

July 28 class

Weekly Classes

somatic slow flow

Explore the profound connection between mind and body through gentle, mindful movement. Learn how stress and tension can cause muscles to become stuck, and retrain the nervous system to release tension.

mondays 12-1pm

Mo​rning flow

Start your day with intention, ​gentle movement, breathwork ​and meditation at Mezza9 ​Cafe & Desserts (20 3rd St. ​SW). This class will ease you ​gently into your day, setting ​you up for success no matter ​wh​at lies ahead.

Thursdays ​7-7:30AM

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Studio location

Historic Chateau Theatre

15 1st St. SW

Rochester, MN 55902


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